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Bill & Peggy Britt
Ganesh Shenoy
Shivaram Kumar & Anjali
Kankan & Samina Bhattacharyya
Paul & Leslie Miller
Raj & Sangita Shah

Guru & Poorani


"We both are Engineers with chemical engineering & software engineering expertise. Life was good with two incomes but there was no excitement in our life. We felt we had reached a plateau in our life and that we were missing something, as we always wanted to have a great life. We were looking out for opportunities to do and give more and that which would change our lives for the better. When our children, Anutra and Amyirthan, came along, the urge to do something which would be home based and that which would give Poorani more time flexibility. We realized that we needed to start doing something for our kids & our future too and that we needed to come out of our comfort zone.

So, by God`s grace, when this legitimate, honesty & integrity oriented global e-Commerce opportunity knocked our doors a few years back, thru` our close family friend, the timing was just right. The low startup cost and the BWW education system caught our attention.

We owe our success to the BWW system, our incredible upline mentors and the wonderful team we have. Of the many rewards & awards, the most valuable ones include becoming a better person and having a great network of dependable lifelong friends worldwide. We are very happy that our children are also imbibing the positive values and principles of the BWW system. We are totally excited about what the future holds for us as we are not only able to achieve our dreams but are also able to help & touch other people`s lives and help them realize their dreams."

Vincent and Reena Yong

Diamond Vincent & Rina Yong - (IT Graduate & Marketing Graduate)

Vincent started during his final year of studying computer science in University of Kentucky, USA. His dream was to be financially free before age of 30 in the business. Then, he was invited to attend FED. He was totally consumed by the love of people and God. During FED?s Sunday morning, he found his purpose in life and realized this plan can help a lot of families to be financially free.

Vincent made a decision that helped him achieved silver in 14 month. Rina met Vincent in church after she graduated from University of South Australia in Marketing. Vincent showed her the vision. She was excited about personal freedom and travel. Eventually both fell in love with each other and got married. In year 2000, they met Dr Wong and Celia. Under their leadership, BWW was launched. Vincent & Rina achieved Sapphire and Emerald in 2002. Then in 2006, they achieved Founders Emerald and Diamond.