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Shivaram Kumar & Anjali

Country Mentor

Shivaram & Anjali grew up in Mumbai, India, just a few miles apart, but they did not meet until they moved to the United States. They arrived in the US in the same year

Shivaram to pursue his Master's degree in computer engineering, and Anjali to attend her sister's wedding. Shivaram found a job as a computer consultant, and Anjali developed her career in the travel field. "We were totally oblivious of what lay ahead - we believe it to be God's Master Plan, " says Shivaram. "Here I was, a couple of years into my career, picking up major momentum as an independent computer consultant, already in the top 5% income bracket in the U.S., and there she was, furthering her career as a travel consultant, and Manipal Reddy appeared in my life to talk about a part-time business opportunity Shivaram did not even see this as a business at first, he was just looking to get the health insurance offered to IBOs. Shivaram signed up, but did not do much with the business for several months. Little did he know that not only would his attitude change from mild interest, to skepticism, to curiosity, to excitement, to total commitment but his dreams would upgrade from health insurance, to supporting his family back in India, to a better living standard, to complete financial freedom. "My little 'yes' to Manipal gave me all that! But the best gift I got is my wife Anjali." We worked hard, and within a year we went Diamond. Kumar sponsored Anjali's sister and brother-in-law - Ajay and Alka Ohri, now Diamonds, who in turn sponsored Anjali.

"Shivaram was already an Emerald when we got married," says Anjali, "but thanks to the Britt system and the mentorship of our upline, I was able to gain momentum quickly. Within six months of getting married to him, I quit my career in travel. Six months later, Shivaram became a free man. We worked hard, and within a year we went Diamond. Today they live in their beautiful 6000 square feet home in New Jersey, a far cry from the condominium where Shivaram lived when they got married. They are blessed with three daughters. "What is most important to us," adds Anjali, is the security and peace of mind this business provides, and the time with our little ones.” "We grew up with a very strong value system," says Shivaram. "Prior to this business, we felt we had to choose between a jet-set life in the U.S. and some of those values. Now we believe that the BWW System actually allows us to enhance these values and live them, and at the same time enjoy the number-one lifestyle in the world! You can have your cake and eat it too! Why not?”

Both Shivaram and Anjali feel very strongly about making Bill Britt's dream come true to, break 100 Diamonds per year. They have an organization of leaders all over the United States and Canada, and have a huge organization in India. Shivaram declares, "To earn and keep the respect of Anjali and the kids, our sponsors, our uplines – all the way to Bill and Peggy Britt, and the BWW Diamond team – that is everything to us!”