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BWW, Business Support Material (BSM) plays a role in three important ways

1. Helps a new Distributor kick start his / her Amway Business.
2. Develops & Nurtures his Group even when he / she is not present physically.
3. Helps develop a mental attitude that facilitates climbing the “Amway Pin Ladder”.

As the name suggests BSM provides the business material in the form of educational aids to the Amway Distributors to help them develop the Amway business. The BWW BSM provides a plethora of tools that satisfy the needs of Distributors at different “Pin Levels”. Thus BWW has educational aids for a distributor just signed up as well as business nuggets for the Leaders of the Amway business.

For any business venture to be made successful, business education is very important. The primary role which BWW BSM plays is, Continued Distributor Education (CDE). This is essential because the business dynamics is changing & the IBOs need to sharpen their business building skills continuously.

Considering the global spread of the business, it is imperative that the business message any distributor wants to convey is uniform and portraying the correct image. To facilitate this process the BSM is available in three media – audio CDs, video CDs & print literature. These tools are available at all BWW Branches, Sales outlets as well as they are sold over the BSM Counter at Mega Functions & Training Seminars (BBS, some Open Meetings). Let us take each tool category separately –

Audio CDs – They are further categorized in to three types – Business Teachings (BT), Rallies (R), Prospecting (P).

1. Business Teachings (BT) – As the names suggest these are teachings tapes where the successful Amway Distributors (Diamonds & above) impart business teachings towards actually building the Amway business.

2. Rallies (R) – Rallies are life stories of Amway Distributors. Any rally has a pre - Amway story as well as post - Amway story of the couple. This is recorded Emeralds & above only. The most important purpose of this category of tapes is that any aspiring Amway Distributor gets the feeling – “If they can do it, we can do it too.” Profession is no bar to start an Amway business. Rally tapes are an excellent forum to project individuals from diverse backgrounds building the business & tasting success. There are very high chances that if we have a rally tape of a lawyer then a fellow lawyer relates with the Speaker. Similarly a doctor relates with a rally tape of a doctor. This also projects the spread as well as sophistication of the business.

3. Prospecting (P) – The contents of such tapes are consciously kept precise, clear & crisp so as to convey the right business message. This is the first ever interface between a prospect & an Amway Distributor.

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